Vatson has a team of trusted engineers and advisors who offer an extensive range of guidance and customized solutions which helps you to successfully achieve next levels of excellence by improving your communication capability, capacity, productivity and performance utilizing our multifaceted expertise. We offer maintenance to all the wireless communication equipment.


Vatson is committed to providing our customers with the best telecom experts and products. We provide an elevated level of customer experience by quickly responding to customers maintenance needs.

Vatson provides maintenance services for all the wireless communication equipment, security equipment, certain accessories, etc. We have an inventory which provides immediate assistance to our clients demands.

Vatson has established a sophisticated, comprehensive system for providing maintenance for all types of communication and security products. Vatson provides both routine scheduled maintenance as well as emergency response to issues which require immediate feedback. Our technicians are trained and are equipped with the tools and materials necessary to diagnose and repair all types of wireless communication and security equipment. Our technicians think about long term solutions while fixing the immediate concern. They diagnose and identify components which need attention or could be improved and prevent future maintenance issues, and downtime.

Customized solution

Vatson has a team of talented engineers who provide a full suite of services to support the communication needs of their customers. Our clients come from a range of industries including Hydro Power Projects, Film Industries, National Highway and Construction industries, Offshore (Oil Rig) Industries, Corporate Factories, Municipal, and Government entities, Banking Industries, etc.

Based on the customers requirements, we deploy our team to investigate, brainstorm ideas and provide the best feasible and economical solution to their business needs. We have a reputation of handling large scale projects and we are highly recommended in providing the best solutions to our clients challenging communication needs.

As an example: While providing communication solutions to our clients from the marine industries we make sure that our wireless equipments are Solas Compliant. Vessel fires pose the greatest risk to maritime safety as compared to other types of maritime incidents. Fire fighters and emergency personnel need the right equipment to help them deal with the critical situation. Read more about it here